As an artist and choreographer I present work in both dance and visual arts contexts. Formally trained in visual art, my practice is rooted in social dance through Bboying (Breakdancing) and House dance.

My practice incorporates contemporary choreographic and improvisational practices. II often develop works which combining video, the body and sculpture to explore choreographic relations between gesture, context and their affects. My work explores how We handle things; people, objects and how objects handle Us through: environments, architecture, and social structures. Specifically I am very interested in the power of dance to change and create new spaces.
Mark Bleakley Vimeo

Photo_Finn McCullough
Artist & Choreographer

Mark Bleakley
Born 1990. Lives and works in Glasgow and Copenhagen.

2009-2013: Newcastle University, 
BA Fine Art 1st Class Honours

-Aug 2022, Dance Makes The Floor at Govanhill Festival. August 2022, Some Great Reward, Victoria Road Glasgow. 
-  Sept 2021, Umbra, Penumbra, Antumbra, Performance evening developed as part of Constellations Artists development programme, Up Projects and Flat Time House. Artists: Youngsook Choi, Nicola Colclough, Lady Kitt, Adam Moore, Sophie Seita &Tom Pope
-  July 2021, 12 Artists, 12 artworks, Contribution: Knotting Score, Performance project curated by Ghost and John, London Performance Studios.
-  May 2020, How we handle Things, performance installation, Take Me Somewhere festival (cancelled)

-  Sept 2019, Collision. Colliding. Performance part of House made of Water at GTAC,  Glasgow 
-June 2019, How we handle things, research presentation, Hunterian Gallery as part of One second its there. symposium.
    - June 2019, ...We’re Taking you to the Future, Co-choreographer with Katie Miller,
    Masschoreography project for 500 Primary school children, commissioned by Hospitalfields Arts, Arbroath.
    -June 19, Schema Chapter III (draft 2), performance as part of Present Futures , CCA Glasgow, Glasgow
    -April 19, How We Handle Things, performance research presentation, Rhubaba Studios and Gallery, Edinburgh
    - Oct 18-Jan 19, Schema chapters I-III, research commission: Talbot Rice Projects. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.
    - June 2018, Imprinting (Close your eyes and- ) by Mark Bleakley and Claricia Parinussa performance at Basic Mountain part of Annuale.
    - March 2018, Fathoms, opening performance with MollyMae Whawell. Embassy gallery, Edinburgh
    - Oct 2017, Collision. Colliding. At We Were Arguing About Kenneth Koch’s 'One Train May Hide Another’ Kingsgate workshop, London. Curated by George Vasey, Nadia Hebson and Paul Becker
    - April 2017, Slide Night #7, Rhubaba, Repose, Suspend, Oblique (for T.B.) collaboration with Claricia Parinussa.
    - April 2017, The Northern Charter, Newcastle, A Boy stands in for a rock or vice versa. Choreographer/ performer.
    - Oct 2016, Ludlow 67, New York, To Stage curated by Chiarina Chen
    - August 2016, Dancebase, Fringe Festival, Heads-Up program, Marina City part 2.
    - May-June 2016, Collective Gallery, A Nude Descends into a Lump Performance Programme, Choreographer/Performer.
    - October 2015, Dancebase, Autumn Showcase, Marina City part 2
    - March 2015, The Varieties, Harris Museum, Preston, Performing 3 Movements of Funny
    - Oct 2014, Sentinel Space Birmingham, Or From Werner to Dan and back.
    -Feb 2014, A Crack in the Window II, A3 Project Space, Birmingham, Performance by Dennis Isou
    - Jan 2014, Globe Gallery. Letter to Hotbird3, Lead Artist
    - Oct 2013, The Northern Charter, A Crack in the Window, Performance Lecture by Dennis Isou (Josh Wilson and Mark Bleakley)
    - June 2013, The Northern Charter, Newcastle, 3 Movements of Funny,
    - March 2013, Northern Stage, Newcastle Arts Festival,
    3 Movements of Funny,
    - March 2013, Hold Tight #4 Newcastle, Blark Meakley Live 2013,


    -Nov 2020, Platform Exhibition, Edinburgh Art Festival, City Arts Centre. 
    - March 2018, Fathoms, collaborative exhibitons and performance with MollyMae Whawell. Embassy gallery, Edinburgh
    -Dec 2017, (Cartographies) - Exhibtion at Basic Mountain, Edinburgh
    - May 2016, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, A Nude descends into a Lump.
    - Feb 2015, Resonance FM, Radiocity broadcast, Dennis Isou sound collage
    - Feb 2015,The Varieties, Harris Museum, Preston
    - June 2013, Newcastle University Fine Art Degree Show, With Josh Wilson.
    - March 2013, Re-Use Aloud, Newbridge Project/ Online radio station
    - Jan 2013, SWG-3, Soundscaping, Glasgow
    - Oct 2011, VideoRaum, Vejle Kunsthalle Denmark,

    Funding / Awards

    Creative Scotland Open Project Fund: How we Handle Things.
    Edinburgh Council Visual arts bursary.
    Dance Base Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme (DEBs) 2015-2016
    Creative Scotland Professional Development Fund
    NICAP Fund
    NCL AASI (Alumni assoc. Student intitiative) Fund
    Bartlett Travel Scholarship, South Korea, Newcatl University.

    Dance Makes the Floor is a project centred around the creation of a collectively made dance floor. This is an ongoing project, an archive will be created during its next stage.

    “In 2020 when the world almost stopped I could feel the floor moving away from me. So I started to build my own.”

    DMTF is an ongoing art work which aims to create sections of this dance floor in different locations with different communities, through workshops, conversations and public performances. Mark’s utopian hair-brained idea is to create a full sized dancer floor, made by all the dancers that have set foot upon it, bringing everyone together to dance.

    This project is context specific, through the collaborations with different dance artists, DJs and community groups, the performances and presentations will shift according to the research produced with the collaborators.

    As part of documenting this ongoing projects research and engagement with guest artists and communities of dancers Mark will develop video response to the contributions with each group and build an audio archive of the conversations had with the various artists invited to help build the floor. These videos and audios will be archived as part of the projects website and for future gallery presentations.

    Images from Dance Makes the Floor at Govanhill Festival. 
    Photography - Erika Stevenson. 

    DMTF @ Govanhill Festival Creative Team. 
    LEAD ARTIST: Mark Bleakley
    DANCERS: Kirstin Halliday, Lewis Normand & Jennifer Steele + The Line Dancers of Dixon Community Centre
    SOUND DESIGNER: Cameron Howard
    FLOOR BUILDERS: Tosia Bargiełowska Johnsen, David Ronan, Hattie Simms & Lindsay Grime
    PRODUCER: Conner Milliken (of Hacks)
    DJ'S: Corduroy Dreams & Lukas Delius
    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Musheto Fernandez
    DOCUMENTATION: Bircan Birol, Carmel Pia & Erika Stevenson