In a particular way - three dancers empty the stage for new landscapes to unfold - a folk emerges through a dance - animals perform humans performing animals - In that particular way that dust particles float through pathways never fully settling anywhere, caught in the pleasure of letting go.

This performance was developed in three parts where ideas of landscape, community, rhythm and play come together in an imagined folk dance for a somewhere future. This performance is a reflection on these ideas, what images and poetry comes from weaving these particular thoughts, movements and experiences together.

This performance is for all ages (8+ recommended) and can be presented in outdoors, theatrical and gallery contexts.

Working with three performers and a scenography made up of piles of abandoned textiles and clothing. This works playful choreography and highly visual approach comes from Marks unique background in visual art and his dance practice in social dance.

Opening with ‘the rag-mammoths’ a bleak otherworldly environment is created through British folk inspired creatures, when the piles of clothes shed away the community get to work; clearing, energising and playing with each other and the space. Percussionist Remy Gouffault brings a lo-fi patchwork of ambient and rhythmic compositions accompanying the three performers journeys. Over 40 minutes rituals, games, dances, nursery rhymes and sculptures are created by the three dancers in this ever-changing landscape.

This work is a reflection on the nature of a community as a landscape. Exploring the ways in which dance, rhythm and play can create and shape our communities and the spaces we inhabit.

Choreographer - Mark Bleakley
Performers - Marco Payer, Teresa Fogh Schou and Mark Bleakley.  
Sound - Rémy Gouffault
Dramaturgy - Jonas Schnor
Mentoring - Quim Bigas Bassart
Photography - Benedicte Ramfjord
Graphic design - Mark Bleakley