Mark Bleakley
Born 1990. Lives and works in Glasgow and Copenhagen.

2009-2013: Newcastle University, 
BA Fine Art 1st Class Honours

-Aug 2022, Dance Makes The Floor at Govanhill Festival. August 2022, Some Great Reward, Victoria Road Glasgow. 
-  Sept 2021, Umbra, Penumbra, Antumbra, Performance evening developed as part of Constellations Artists development programme, Up Projects and Flat Time House. Artists: Youngsook Choi, Nicola Colclough, Lady Kitt, Adam Moore, Sophie Seita &Tom Pope
-  July 2021, 12 Artists, 12 artworks, Contribution: Knotting Score, Performance project curated by Ghost and John, London Performance Studios.
-  May 2020, How we handle Things, performance installation, Take Me Somewhere festival (cancelled)

-  Sept 2019, Collision. Colliding. Performance part of House made of Water at GTAC,  Glasgow 
-June 2019, How we handle things, research presentation, Hunterian Gallery as part of One second its there. symposium.
    - June 2019, ...We’re Taking you to the Future, Co-choreographer with Katie Miller,
    Masschoreography project for 500 Primary school children, commissioned by Hospitalfields Arts, Arbroath.
    -June 19, Schema Chapter III (draft 2), performance as part of Present Futures , CCA Glasgow, Glasgow
    -April 19, How We Handle Things, performance research presentation, Rhubaba Studios and Gallery, Edinburgh
    - Oct 18-Jan 19, Schema chapters I-III, research commission: Talbot Rice Projects. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.
    - June 2018, Imprinting (Close your eyes and- ) by Mark Bleakley and Claricia Parinussa performance at Basic Mountain part of Annuale.
    - March 2018, Fathoms, opening performance with MollyMae Whawell. Embassy gallery, Edinburgh
    - Oct 2017, Collision. Colliding. At We Were Arguing About Kenneth Koch’s 'One Train May Hide Another’ Kingsgate workshop, London. Curated by George Vasey, Nadia Hebson and Paul Becker
    - April 2017, Slide Night #7, Rhubaba, Repose, Suspend, Oblique (for T.B.) collaboration with Claricia Parinussa.
    - April 2017, The Northern Charter, Newcastle, A Boy stands in for a rock or vice versa. Choreographer/ performer.
    - Oct 2016, Ludlow 67, New York, To Stage curated by Chiarina Chen
    - August 2016, Dancebase, Fringe Festival, Heads-Up program, Marina City part 2.
    - May-June 2016, Collective Gallery, A Nude Descends into a Lump Performance Programme, Choreographer/Performer.
    - October 2015, Dancebase, Autumn Showcase, Marina City part 2
    - March 2015, The Varieties, Harris Museum, Preston, Performing 3 Movements of Funny
    - Oct 2014, Sentinel Space Birmingham, Or From Werner to Dan and back.
    -Feb 2014, A Crack in the Window II, A3 Project Space, Birmingham, Performance by Dennis Isou
    - Jan 2014, Globe Gallery. Letter to Hotbird3, Lead Artist
    - Oct 2013, The Northern Charter, A Crack in the Window, Performance Lecture by Dennis Isou (Josh Wilson and Mark Bleakley)
    - June 2013, The Northern Charter, Newcastle, 3 Movements of Funny,
    - March 2013, Northern Stage, Newcastle Arts Festival,
    3 Movements of Funny,
    - March 2013, Hold Tight #4 Newcastle, Blark Meakley Live 2013,


    -Nov 2020, Platform Exhibition, Edinburgh Art Festival, City Arts Centre. 
    - March 2018, Fathoms, collaborative exhibitons and performance with MollyMae Whawell. Embassy gallery, Edinburgh
    -Dec 2017, (Cartographies) - Exhibtion at Basic Mountain, Edinburgh
    - May 2016, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, A Nude descends into a Lump.
    - Feb 2015, Resonance FM, Radiocity broadcast, Dennis Isou sound collage
    - Feb 2015,The Varieties, Harris Museum, Preston
    - June 2013, Newcastle University Fine Art Degree Show, With Josh Wilson.
    - March 2013, Re-Use Aloud, Newbridge Project/ Online radio station
    - Jan 2013, SWG-3, Soundscaping, Glasgow
    - Oct 2011, VideoRaum, Vejle Kunsthalle Denmark,

    Funding / Awards

    Creative Scotland Open Project Fund: How we Handle Things.
    Edinburgh Council Visual arts bursary.
    Dance Base Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme (DEBs) 2015-2016
    Creative Scotland Professional Development Fund
    NICAP Fund
    NCL AASI (Alumni assoc. Student intitiative) Fund
    Bartlett Travel Scholarship, South Korea, Newcatl University.