How we handle Things. is a parformance installation exploring the shifting relationships that we have with bodies, objects, memories and touch. Investigated through a contemporary lens, performers and audience build a landscape together – a mix of flesh and plastic, simultaneously revered and disposable. The environment is one akin to a laboratory, inviting us to contemplate interactions between body and object through dance, sculpture and conversation.

The work will ebb and flow throughout the duration of the day, meandering from near-static installation to a fluid, mobile landscape. The cycle of activity will repeat after approximately 50 minutes. Audiences are welcome to enter at any point during the day, and will be invited to take part in creating sculptural forms at the beginning of each cycle.

Developed through an ongoing research into the inter-relations between bodies, objects and value strucutres. This work continues to adapt and learn through incorporating new contexts and collaborators.

Image: Carmel Pia,
Video: Lucas Chih Peng Kao

Past Performances:
Rhubaba gallery and studios, Edinburgh, April 2019.

Upcoming Performance:
20th May 2020, CCA Glasgow, (cancelled) Take Me Somewhere Festival.