Entering the performance PLAYGROUND we witness a space being organised and observed. Working with three ground microphones four performers take on a series of tasks. There is a job to be done but we are not yet sure what it is.

You are the centre of your little world and I am of mine
Now and again we meet for tea, we're two of a kind

The performance unfolds with the lyrics of Ivor Cutlers “Beautiful Cosmos’ framing the activity happening before us. The performers observe each other and the space and act accordingly. Surfaces are tapped, shaken and stroked; walls floors, bodies and chairs. Dances are observed and joined in. The floors is explored and upended. This unfixed surface takes on a life of its own; a river, a landscape or something wet takes the audience to many different places. The dance floor is used like clay allowing different textures of dance to emerge; slippery dancing, on the edge dancing, shifting dances and falling dances. In this open structure the performers observe and join in on different ways of being on, in and with the floor and each other. Through playing we see the performers navigate how these different tasks demand them to work individually and collectively to connect to notions of ground.

Choreography by Mark Bleakley.
Developed in collaboration with performers: Lenka Vorechovská, Lisbeth Rain Riis, Isobel Carvalho, Stéphanie Evrard.
Choreographic support from Marco Payer.
Sound - Emil Boda.
Documentation - Graham Adey.