The dwellers notebook.

Feeding the Sandworm is a speculative fiction in dance and writing by Mark Bleakley. Enter the landscape of the Emptiness and sit with two dwellers as they push, quake and stroke the surface into an ever shifting landscape always on the cusp of becoming. Researching dances relationship to ground (social, spiritual, political, physical) and the ways it shapes how we inhabit our bodies and space. This work is inspired by the short story Stone Hunger by NK Jemesin, Feeding... naively brings this research into a fictional future where movement scores become tools for a game of make believe.

Alongside the performance physical and digital copies (scan qr code) of the accompanying text are available to read.

Project By Mark Bleakley
Performed by Madee Cole and Mark Bleakley.
Mentoring - Malin Astner.
Performance research - Keren Ben Shachar.
Lighting - Ingunn Fjellang Sæther.
Technical support - Joana Öhlschläger.

Moss Garden - David Bowie
N.A.S.A. - Sun Signification (raw audio)
Wilson Tanner - Killcord Pt. I-III

Thanks: Joana Öhlschläger, Alice Martucci, Sigrid Stigsdatter Matthiassen, Rasmus Olme, Quim Bigas Bassart, Malin Astner, Todd Sarfaraz, Ingunn Fjellang Sæther, Josephine Dons, Patrick Afuale, Casper Preisler, Arian Šajina, Josman Aguilar, Marie Møller Beuchert, Alvilda Striim and Hattie Simms.