A Nude Descends into a Lump (8.1-8.3)
Performance 07/05/16

Introduction Transcript.

Hello, Welcome, - Thank you for coming. My name is Mark and this is: Katie, behind me is Phillip and Carolina.
So behind me is the window display, part of the installation A nude descends and other Gestures.
So when I began writing the texts that make up this work I had always been aware of possibilities that each text could be performed, as well as being experienced through spoken language.

Tonight you are going to see A Nude Descends into a Lump (8.1 to 8.3)
- what you will see is us, as a group, trying to form movements and textures of a walk,
- a woman’s walk, as she descended the access ramp.
- a graceful walk, full of idiosyncrasies in her movements.
- so we are working from a memory, with barely more than an image to work from, trying to piece together this walk. So... we will perform 3 iterations of this walk. 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3

Photos courtesy of Erica Stevenson.